The Property And Preparation of Silicon Disulfide SiS2 Powder

Is there a silicon disulfide characteristic?
Silicon Disulfide Is a white fibrous ortetragonal crystal. SiS2 is silicon disulfide’s molecular formula. Normal temperature and pressure are stable for silicon disulfide. When exposed to moisture it will decompose into SiO2 (or H2S) and ignites when heated in the air.

Silicon disulfide can be described as an inorganic compound. It has the chemical composition SiS2. Although similar to silica this polymer is also a material. However, its unique one-dimensional structure makes it different from silica.

What’s the name of the preparation with silicon disulfide (SiO2)?

1. Place aluminum powder, excess sulfur and a torch in a crucible. Burn to make aluminum sulfide. You will then need to crush the aluminum sulfide and add a little bit of silica. Combine the mixture in a large crockpot. Next, heat the crockpot while passing some dry nitrogen through the quartz tube. Reactions begin at 1100oC. At between 1200 and 1300oC, the SiS2 is sublimed to the area below the tube. Purifying the tube requires sublimation with nitrogen or vacuum. For tetragonal SiS2, the mix of sulfur and silicon is heated to 5103MPa at 700°C.

2. Heat to melt hydrocarbon sulfide based silicon. Combine 96g of silica with 39g Si(SC2H5)4 in a bowl. Heat at 200°C for 10 minutes to make silicon disulfide. It is then dissolved into benzene. Then it is filtered in conditions to avoid moisture mixing.

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