The Property And Preparation of Manganese Oxide Mn2O3 Powder

Manganese Oxide: The Property
Manganese oxide has a chemical formula Mn2O3, and a molecular weight of 157.88. It’s a black cubic crystal having a relative density of 4.50. Manganese dioxide is insoluble with water, acetic and ammonium chlorine solutions, but is soluble with other inorganic acid.

In cold hydrochloric Acid, manganese oxide forms a brown solution. This solution is then transformed into a solution in hot dilute or concentrated sulfuric. The red solution becomes a solution in hot sulfuric acid. MnO2 and manganese nuitrate are decomposed in hot acid. O2 is released by heating. You can find it in the following forms: –Mn2O3 & –Mn2O3.

Methods for Preparing Manganese Oxide

The preparation of -Mn2O3
You can further alter or reduce Mn2O3, by using manganese dioxide, or heat divalent manganese salt at 600 to 800°C. To maintain a constant mass, you can also heat pure MnO2 at 650°C. Manganese nitrate Hexahydrate can be used as a raw materials. It must first be heated at at least 190°C to form a solid. Next, crush the material and heat at at least 650°C.

The preparation of -Mn2O3
To make -MnO(OH), 350mL were of a solution with 2.2g manganese.sulfate trihydrate. 34 mL 3% hydrogen peroxide was added dropwise to the solution. Then 50 mL 0.2 mole dm-3 ammonia was added. By heating, the thickening suspension emitting oxygen in dark brown to black color is rapidly boiled. Once the mixture has been boiled for approximately 4 minutes, it is separated and washed with 1.5L boiling water. Then, dry the liquid in a vacuum dehydrator with phosphorous pentoxide. This was then dried carefully at 250°C with reduced pressure for 3 consecutive days in order to make –Mn2O3. Additionally, you can heat –MnO2 at 500°C under reduced pressure for up to 78 hours in order to make –Mn2O3.

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