The Property And Application of Hafnium Boride HfB2 Powder

Which property is hafnium boreide?
Hafnium bore is a grey crystal with metallicluster. The melting point of hafnium Boride is 3250 degrees Celsius. It has both high conductivity properties and stable chemical characteristics. The hafnium-boride is stable at room temperature and does not react with any chemical reagents other than HF. By heating hafnium carbonide and boron carbide (or boron oxide), the mixture of hafnium dioxide and boron boride can be made into hafnium.

The variable current laser-ion beam gas phase technique is used for the preparation of hafnium Boride powder. The new ceramic material features high melting points, high thermal conductivity and oxidation resistance. It is used mostly in high temperature ceramics, high speed aircraft nose cones, aviation, aerospace, and other areas.

Where is hafnium boreide applied?

As technology advances, hafnium dioxide ceramics and other composite materials have more applications. Hafnium Diboride can be difficult to sinter. To improve the sintering efficiency, ultrafine powder must be obtained. While nanopowder offers superior performance, it comes at a steep cost. It is also difficult to dissolve during raw materials processing. The sub-micron hafnium triboride powder was developed.

1. Hafnium-boride is used for wear-resistant coatings, crucible lining, corrosion-resistant chemical apparatus; anti-oxidation materials; composite materials; and refractory materials where resistance to the corrosion of molten iron is possible.
2. Hafnium bore is used in thermal enhancement, high-temperature resistance and high-temperature resistant special coatings.
3. Hafnium boreide is mostly used in the manufacture of composite ceramics. It can also be used as neutron absorber.
4. Hafnium boreide is used for high-temperature ceramics, high speed aircraft nose cones, and in aviation, aerospace, and other fields.

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