The Property And Application of Bismuth Powder

Is bismuth powder a property of Bismuth?
Bismuth dust doesn’t react with water or oxygen at room temperatures. The metal bismuth, which can easily be crushed and has a silvery to yellow (pink) color is known as Metal Bismuth.
Bismuth is composed of the oxide bismuth dioxide (Bi2S3), and sulfide-bismuthite. Because bismuth’s melting point is low, you can reduce it with charcoal.

If bismuth powder heated to above its melting point it will burn, emitting a blue flame that can generate bismuth triooxide. When bismuth is hot, it can also be mixed with sulfur and/or halogen. Bismuth is not soluble in water. It also does not dissolve in non-oxidizing acid (such as hydrochloric Acid). Although it reacts slightly to heating even concentrated sulfuric and concentrated hydrochloric, the powder is easily soluble in aqua regia or concentrated nitric acids.

Which bismuth powder applications are you interested in?

1. Metallurgical Additives
A little bit of bismuth powder can enhance the steel’s processing capabilities. Also, by adding some bismuth powder in malleable casting iron, malleable can have comparable properties to stainless-steel.

2. A low melting point ferrous alloy that is Bi-based
For cold stamping and the forming of thin metal plates, this alloy from bismuth-tin is used. The alloy is able to be used many more times than it can form.
For making safety devices, electrical appliances and signaling systems, such as automatic device signals and safety equipment, there are a number of low melting alloys that include bismuth powder, aluminum, zinc, cadmium and indium.

3. Medical Treatment
Bismuth compounds can be used to treat gastrointestinal dyspepsia. They also have an antidiarrheal and astringent properties. The bismuth sodium subrubberate, and the bismuth carbonate are used to manufacture gastric medicine. Radiotherapy uses bismuth to shield patients from radiation.

4. Flame retardant Bismuth application
Bi203 outperforms Sb203 as a flame retardant, but it is also non-toxic and safe. Smoke from flame-retardant product combustion can be extremely dangerous and may cause death.

5. Bismuth application in the chemical industry
Bismuth pigment yellow is composed of bismuth vanadate (bismuth molybdate) and bismuth vanadate (bismuth vanadate). It can be used to substitute lead, cadmium, and other pigments by double crystal yellow pigments. It is more resistant to chemical corrosion on the surface and it has brighter colors. It can be easily ruined or faded.

6. Electronic Ceramics
The new generation of electronic ceramics that contain bismuth powder (bismuth Germanate crystals), is used to make devices like piezoelectric lasers, nuclear radiation detectors, xray level scanners, electric optics and electro-optics.

7. Semiconductor
Use high-purity bismuth with selenium, antimony and tellurium in combination to create crystal pulling semiconductor components. This is used for low temperature thermoelectric power generators, thermorefrigeration and thermocouples. It can also be used to build air conditioners. You can use artificial bismuth to create photoresistor in photovoltaic devices, and also increase your sensitivity in visible spectrum.

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