The Properties And Preparation of Gallium Oxide Powder

Gallium oxide

It is an organic compound having the chemical name Ga2O3. Galium trioxide is another name for it. It’s a semiconductor of wide bandgap with Eg=4.9eV. With excellent electrical conductivity, light-emitting and other characteristics it can be used to detect O2 gas.

The Property of Gallium Oxide

Gallium oxide is triangular white crystal particles that are insoluble when water is used. However, it can be dissolved in hot acid and alkaline solutions and is easily soluble and dissolved in alkali-metal hydroxides as well as dilute organic acids.

Gallium (III), or gallium trioxide is the most stable form of gallium oxides. The oxidization of metal gallium can be done by heating it in air, or by calcining galium nitrate and gallium hydroxide at 200-250degC.

Ga2O3 is capable of reacting with many metals under heating conditions. A crystal structure for gallate M(II-GaO2) was obtained from an alkali metaloxide reaction. It is above 400. Similar to Al2O3 or Ln2O3, this can also be produced by reacting MgO with ZnO. CoO. NiO.

Gallium Oxide Preparation

1. Combine a concentrated hot, aqueous NaHCO3 with the hot gallium chloride GaCl3 and heat until it is boiling. You can then wash the precipitate using hot water to remove any Cl-. If NH4Cl is still present, the precipitate will react with Ga2O3 at 254°C to produce volatile GaCl3.

2. This is the method for making high purity gallium dioxide. Use high-purity Ga as an anode. Dissolve it in a solution of 5%-20%H2SO4, add ammonia, then cool. Crystallize Ga(NH4)(SO4)2 several times, drying it at 105degC. The product will be pure at 99.99%-99.9999% if it is burned for 2 hours at 800°C.

3. Add 1kg 99.9999% pure gallium to a 3-necked flask. Then, use high-purity, nitric acids to dissolve the gallium. After the solution has crystallized to a certain point, transfer to an electric oven to evaporate. For burning, place the Ga(NO3)3 that has evaporated in a muffle oven. Keep the temperature at 550 for five hours. Once the product has cooled, it is removed and 1.2kg of high purity gallium oxide is obtained.

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