The Main Application of Nano Spherical Silicon Powder

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What’s spherical Silica Powder?

Sphericalsilicon is also known by the names spherical carbon dioxide and spherical titanium powder. This is the most common industry term. Spherical silica is a white powder of high purity with excellent particle size and dielectric properties. These requirements have become more strict when using spherical silicone powder in modern integrated circuits. In normal conditions, silicon cannot have a content lower than 99.95 p>

The performance and features of spherical silicon products are

Flame fusion produces spheres. Silica heated at high temperatures produces the spherical silica dioxide. It is high in purity, radioactivity, fluidity and thermal stress.

A nano-spherical form of silicon, it is composed of small crystalline silicon crystals with high sphericity. You will find it has high purity and small particles, uniform distribution, high fluidity, insulation, low bulk density, and high surface activity.

Spherical Silicon is safe, non-toxic and odorless. It also has high activity. The new generation optoelectronic silicon material is wide-gap energy and also has high-power light source materials.

Spherical silica has exceptional properties. It is high in dielectric, heat resistance, resistance to high humidity, high temperature resistance, high expansion content, low stress levels, low pressure, low impurities and has a low friction coefficient.

The principal application areas for spherical silica:

Aerospace, semiconductor, electronic parts, and many other industries use sphere silica. To reduce costs and improve hardness and weather resistance, it can be used as a filling medium with epoxy resins, paints high-grade ceramics coatings rubber, paint, adhesive, paint and other materials. Spherical silica is able to be used in binders and catalysts as well as medicines, castings, packaging, and medicine. It has low thermal shrinkage. PVC, PE and PP can all be used in addition to PVC. They will not change the appearance or texture of your product and reduce thermal shrinkage.
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