The Favored Wisdom Metal is Titanium Hydride

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Titanium: The purpose

Also, titanium alloys are useful for high pressure vessels and fuel-oxidizer tanks. It has been used for automatic rifles, mortar panels, and firing tubes of recoilless guns. The petroleum industry is primarily known for its many containers, reactors heat exchangers, distillation columns, pipes, pumps, and valves. You can use titanium as an electrode condenser and power station condenser as well as as an environment pollution control device. In instruments, nickel-titanium has been used extensively as a shape memory alloy. For artificial bones and many other devices, titanium can be used in medicine. It is used as a steelmaking deoxidizer and as a component in stainless steel and alloy steel.

Titanium Applications

– Problems

The cost of titanium preparation can be high because it’s difficult to process and extract. This makes it difficult for it to become popular on a large scale. MIM, or metal injection molding is a type of near-net molding technology. This technology was created by the introduction of modern plastic injection molding technology to the field of powdermetallurgy. Unfortunately, high-priced spherical cement titanium powder is used mainly in titanium MIM materials. It limits the product’s large-scale use and increases its cost.

Low Cost Titanium Hydride

The use of low-cost titanium, hydride or powder as a replacement for spherical titan powder has been studied in vacuum sintering. An irregular form of titanium hydride paste would increase carbon and oxygen levels in sintered samples and decrease catalytic degreasing rates. TiC is produced by sintering. This improves the samples’ strength, hardness, friction resistance, and durability. Study results have demonstrated that the appropriate addition of titanium hydroide powder to the titanium MIM can lower the final cost. It has potential for use in medical devices as well.
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