Silicon Nitride Ceramic Rod

Silicon nitride is a non-oxide, high-temperature ceramic structural material. It is used for a wide range of applications, from automotive engines to gas turbines. The material is a non-magnetic, electrically insulating ceramic that offers a combination of excellent mechanical and thermal properties.

Silicon nitride is formed by a chemical reaction of metallic silicon and nitrogen. This process is known as pressureless sintering. During the process, sintering additives promote densification of the product.

Silicon nitride has excellent wear resistance, impact resistance, and thermal shock resistance. These properties make it ideal for engine components and gas turbine parts. It is also used for precision shafts.

Si3N4 ceramics are becoming increasingly popular as engineering structural ceramics. They are used for combustion chambers, gas turbine parts, and automobile engine components. Their superior combination of mechanical, thermal, and creep resistance allows them to outperform most metals.

In addition to its excellent high temperature properties, silicon nitride has excellent chemical and biological properties. Its abrasion and thermal shock resistance are superior to most other ceramics. Compared to steel, it is 60% lighter. Also, its mechanical strength at high temperatures is outstanding.

Silicon nitride can be produced using several different methods. Depending on the technique, slightly different properties are created. Regardless of the method, Silicon Nitride provides a highly versatile range of mechanical, thermal, and creep resistance.

Silicon nitride is available in a wide variety of forms, including single crystals, nanomaterials, and metal powder. American Elements produces ultra-pure metal powder and can produce custom compositions for research and commercial applications.

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