Rubidium Chromate

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Rubidium chromate is a reasonably well-known substance. While the name is somewhat ambiguous, it is commonly known as a color enhancing agent, which is more than can be said for most metals. It is also useful in chemical processes. For example, it can be used as a fungicide. However, it may be toxic to humans. In addition, it may emit fumes that are hazardous to humans if they are involved in a fire.

It isn’t uncommon to see rubidium chromate in the form of nanopowders, granules, or powders. It may be difficult to find a pure molecule of the stuff, but the good news is that it is generally available in reasonable volume. Depending on the manufacturer, it might even be available in the smallest of volumes.

The rubidium chromate is also notable because it may be the most cost-effective oxidizing agent. It is often used in enamels and metal rust proofing. The mineral also plays a major role in leather finishing. As such, its usage is likely to continue in the coming years. A number of companies manufacture it in varying grades, including American Elements, a top manufacturer of high-quality, low-cost chromium compounds. With its patented technology, it can be synthesised in a matter of days and shipped in a streamlined package. Some manufacturers also offer submicron versions in small quantities. So, the next time you’re in the market for a chromium derivative, consider Rubidium Chromate. It’s not hard to find.

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