Preparation and Application of Tantalum Diboride

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Tantalum Boride powder preparation

Tantalum Boride powder can be mainly made by heating Tantalum penoxide and graphite powder. It is calculated as: 2Ta205+B4C+15C+2B203 + 4TaB2+16C0. All of these reactions fall under the category solid-solid and are controlled through material diffusion. However, this process has its disadvantages. Tantalum peroxide powder mixed with carbon black and graphite powders is not uniform and their activity is low. This causes Tantalum pentoxide to become incomplete and becomes impurities. Tantalum Boride is also prone to low activity due to the presence of graphite and carbon black in its Tantalum Boride product. It is necessary to heat the Tantalum Boride powder to create carbon monoxide.

Tantalum/Tantum alloy

It has high melting point and corrosion resistance, as well as good cold performance. Pipes are used extensively in high temperature technology, chemical industry, and atomic industry. They are used in making pipes and heat exchangers. The aerospace and chemical industries, high-temperature technology and the atomic energy sector use bar materials extensively. These are used to produce supersonic airplanes, rocket engine parts, spacecraft combustion chamber parts and high temperature resistant furnace pieces.
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