Preparation and Application of Cuprous Telluride

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Cuprous Telluride: Preparation

Tellurium has a wide range of uses in the metallurgy of petroleum and chemical industries, electronic and aerospace and many other areas 1-21. The copper powder can replace this portion of tellurium. This slag can be called copper telluride.

Cuprous Telluride

– The Application Prospect

The cuprous telluride semiconductor nanocrystals are excellent in terms of particle conductivity and thermoelectricity. They also have a wide range of potential applications in photovoltaics and photothermal therapies. The synthesis methods of the aqueous phase (Cu2.75Te), oil phase (Cu7Te5) were successful in producing three kinds of telluride-based semiconductor nanomaterials. We studied the LSPR phenomenon in the infrared and analysed the process. Results showed that three telluride semiconductor nucrystals, cu2-xTe and Cu7Te5 had different photothermal conversion characteristics. Comparison of the three copper telluride nanocrystal film formations. The Cu7Te5 nanometer cube is capable of forming dense and uniform films.
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