High Purity Manganese Oxide Mn2O3 CAS 1317-34-6, 99.5%

Manganese III Oxide (or Manganese trioxide) is a white powder without odor. It’s the main ingredient and an intermediate product in manganese compound. It’s insoluble in ammonium chloride, acetic and water. But it is soluble in other organic acids.

About Manganese Oxide Mn2O3 :

Manganese(III) oxide

Is an oxide that has a chemical structure of


und a molecular weight 157.88.

What’s the name for Mn2O3

Manganese oxide

or Manganese(III) oxide. Manganese(III) oxide

Black cubic crystal. The relative density is 4.50.

manganese(III-Oxide) isan inorganic chemical compound having the chemical formula of Mn2O3. It can be found as the mineral bixbyite. This is where it is used for the production of ferrites, thermistors and other metals. It can also be used in food as an additive. It can be used to create catalysts in many industries and in fertilizer production.

There are many possible uses of manganese(III), including fuel cells and supercapacitors. It also serves as the precursor for LiMn2O4. For over 1000 years, scientists have been fascinated by its ability to create strong magnetism. It is used in an array of aerospace electronics as well as light-weight structural parts.

Manganese(III-Oxide) is an element naturally found that can be found in various geological environments. It is found in the form of fine-grained minerals in soils, as well marine and freshwater nodules. It’s found all over the oceans. The Pacific Ocean has 10-30% of its deepest areas.

Is Manganese(III) Oxide

Water soluble Mn2O3?

Water, Acetic Acid and Ammonium Chloride Solution are insoluble. They can be soluble in some inorganic acid.

Does Mn2O3 have an acidic or basic pH?

In the lower oxidation states of metals, the oxide is called basic. However, it’s acidic in higher oxidation states. This is why Mn2O3 (basic) and Mn2O7 (acidic) are the same. It is dissolved in cold hydrochloric to make a brown solution. This solution turns into a red solution when heated dilute sulfuric and concentrated sulfuric acids are added. Then it decomposes back into MnO2 or manganese-nitrate in hot acid. Finally, heating releases oxygen and makes Mn3O4.

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Manganese(III) Oxide



Manganese (III-O3) oxide is available in two forms.

Is Mn2O3 the same charge as Mn?

+3. How high is manganese’s oxidation in MnO4+, Mn2O3+ and MnO2 respectively? The oxidation number of manganese in MnO2 and Mn2O3 manganese are in the +4 and +3 states, respectively. For the a type, you need to decompose divalent manganese oxides, carbonates or chelides in air. For the g type, heat MnO2 at 500 degrees for 78 hours. Or, it can be produced through g-MnO (OH) dehydration. If you are interested in Manganese oxide Mn2O3 bulk, please send us an inquiry.

Manganese Oxide Mn2O3 Powder Performance :

Manganese Oxide Mn2O3 Powder also called Manganese(III) Oxide,

It is high in purity and small size particles.

Technical Parameter of Manganese Oxide Mn2O3 powder –

Mn2O3 Fe Cu Pb Ni Co Na K PH
99.56% 0.000012 0.00005 0.000015 0.000003 0.000002 0.0035 0.08 5.0-7.0

How does Manganese(III), Oxide Mn2O3 get made?

1. The preparation of a-Mn2O3

By heating the divalent manganese sodium in the air at 600-800C, the oxide of a-Mn2O3 magnese oxide can further be oxidized, reduced or made. Manganese nitrate Hexahydrate is used as a raw material. It must be heated at 190C and crushed at 650C.

2. Prepare g-Mn2O3

To make gMnO (OH), stir together 34 mLs of 3% hydrogenperoxide solution and 350 mLs of solution containing 22.2 g manganese-sulfate trihydrate. 50mLs of 0.2 mo*dm-3 ammonia should be added to the solution. The black or darkened suspension will heat quickly and release oxygen. Once the liquid has been boiled for 4 minutes, remove it from the heat and rinse it in 1.5L boiling water. Next, dry it under 100degC using a phosphorus pentoxide vacuum drying device to make g–MnO(OH). For gMn2O3, the carefully dried g-MnO (OH), at 250 degrees C. for 3 days. G-MnO2 (OH) was carefully dehydrated at 250°C. for 3 days under reduced pressure.

Manganese Oxide (III) Mn2O3 Applications:

1. For printing or dyeing fabrics, you can use manganese Trioxide.

2. This is what happens during the oxidation reaction of carbon monoxide, and organic matter. It is also possible to create soft magnetic materials using manganese oxide (III).

3. Manganese Trioxide is an important base material to synthesize lithium-ion batteries.

4. For printing or dyeing fabrics, you can use manganese (III-Oxide).

5. Manganese dioxide (III) is capable of catalyzing and oxidizing organic oxides and other nitrogen oxides.

6, Manganese oxide (III) oxide soft magnetic material precursor;

7. As a raw material, manganese dioxide is used to synthesize electrode materials for lithium-ion cells.

Manganese (III) Oxide, Mn2O3 Pulp Storage Conditions

Store nano manganese dioxide Mn2O3 powder in a dry, cool environment.

Packing & Shipping of Mn2O3 Oxide Powder –

You can pack it in two plastic bags with the inside.

Manganese oxide Mn2O3 powder packing: vacuum packing, 100g, 500g or 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel, or as your request.

Shipping of manganese oxide, Mn2O3 and powder: sends out the order by mail, air or express, once it has been paid.

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Manganese Oxide Mn2O3 Powder Properties

Other Titles
Manganese oxide, Manganese(3+) oxide, Manganese sesquioxide,

Dimanganese trioxide, Keto-(ketomanganiooxy)manganese,

Manganese(3+) oxide, Manganese trioxide,

Oxo-(oxomanganiooxy) manganese


Compound Formula

Molecular Weight

Black Solid

Melting Point
940 degC (1724 degF)

Solubility In Water

4.5 g/cm3


Particle Size

Boling Point

Specific Heat

Thermo Conductivity

Thermal Expansion

Young’s Module

Exact Mass


Manganese Oxide Mn2O3 Health & Safety Information

Safety Notice

Hazard Statements

Flashing Point

Hazard Codes
Xi, Xn

Risk Codes
R21 R36/37/38

Safety statements


Transport Information
NONH on all transport modes

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