Excellent Solid Lubricant-Molybdenum Disulfide Powder

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Molybdenum disulfide

Molybdenite is a main constituent of this inorganic compound. It has the chemical moS2 as its basic substance. Molybdenum dioxide powder is a solid black with metallic luster.

Molybdenum Diulfide Powder Properties

Molybdenum disulfide cannot be found in water, dilute or concentrated sulfuric, and is generally insoluble with other acids and organic solvents. But, aqua regia can dissolve it and boiling concentrated sulfuric acid will make it soluble.

MoS2 is possible by using a natural process, the molybdenum concentrat purification method. The purpose of this method is to eliminate acid-insoluble matter SiO2, Fe Cu, Impurities Ca and Pb.

Molybdenum-disulfide grease, also known as molybdenum-disulfide ultra pressure grease, is made from molybdenum-dioxide disulfide refined and other additives. This product has excellent waterproofing and anti-rust performances.

Molybdenum Sulfide Powder Application

Molybdenum-disulfide (or molybdenum disulfide) is an important, solid lubricant. It’s especially good for use at high temperatures and pressure. Also diamagnetic, it can be used to produce a line photoconductor or a semiconductor of P-type (or N-type) conductivity. Additionally, it has energy conversion functions and can be rectified. Molybdenum dioxide can be used as an accelerator for dehydrogenation complex hydrocarbons.

Molybdenum dioxide is a solid molybdenum concentration powder, after chemical purification. The molecular structure of the powder has undergone modifications. This product is black with slight metallic luster. This product is non-adhesive and dispersible. The product can be mixed with other greases to make a colloidal condition without adhesion. This will increase the lubricity as well as the extreme pressure. You can use it in high temperature, high pressure, and high load conditions to increase the equipment’s life.

With little loss of ignition or volatile, the main purpose molybdenum-disulfide serves in friction material is to decrease friction at low temperatures and increase friction at higher temperature.

Friction reduction

Friction can increase: Molybdenum disulfide is not conductive. There are also copolymers made of molybdenum disulfide or molybdenum Trisulfide. If the friction material temperature is increased sharply by friction, molybdenum dioxide particles within the copolymer will expand with temperature and help to increase friction.

Molybdenum diulfide can be used to prevent oxidation. This chemical purification process and extensive reaction gives it a pH value of 8.8, which is slightly acidic. The surface of friction materials is protected by it. They also prevent them being oxidized.

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